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What You Hear Audio Recorder

Looking for a FREE audio recording software that can easily records all the sounds you hear? Yes, our FREE What You Hear Audio Recorder is the exactly audio software you need.

By using the new 'kernel virtual audio driver' technology, What You Hear Audio Recorder removes all the limitations of a normal sound recording software and makes sound recording more powerful and flexible.

Download the free version of our audio recorder now!

free download What You Hear Audio Recorder
for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
32bits & 64bits


Main Features

  • Record all sounds you hear. Its name says it all. Not like those simple sound recording software such as Windows Sound Recorder, which can only records sounds from microphone, What You Hear Audio Recorder can record movie sounds or music that played locally, or the streaming audio sounds, Internet Music, radios, etc.

    Also record microphone voice, with the option to mix computer sounds and microphone voice together.

No configuration needed. Just launch our audio recorder and then hit the record button.

  • No Stereo Mix needed. Not like the other sound recorders, What You Hear Audio Recorder does not require your physical sound card supports  Stereo Mix feature. In fact, most sound cards disabled  Stereo Mix module on Vista, Window 7, Windows 8.

  • Can be used as Streaming Audio Recorder to grab songs from Internet music sites or Internet radios.

  • All Windows version including XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 are supported.

  • MP3 format are supported for compressing the recorded audio file.

  • Lossless recording. Bit perfect audio data when choosing WAV audio format to record.

Automatically split recorded audio into separate files, either by Windows audio streaming application or by smart detecting silence.

What You Hear Audio Recorder only records sounds when there are sounds. Silence and Noise are never recorded, which means you can activate recording and keep it there at any time. This is an unique feature of our software. All other sound recorders record white noise even there is no sounds. They can not remove noise from silence perfectly.



arrow 10 June, 2016

What You Hear Audio Recorder V4 released

arrow 22 Dec., 2015

What You Hear Audio Recorder V2.5 released

The Comparison Chart
FeaturesWhat You Hear Audio RecorderOther Sound Recorders
Record Local Sound
Record Internet Streaming Audio
Does Not Require Stereo Mix
Record Microphone Voice
Lossless Recording
MP3 support
Kernel Recording
Zero Configuration
Split Audios by Audio Applications
Split Audios by DB
Detect and Skip White Noise/Silence Perfectly
Mix Microphone Voice and What U Hear Sounds Together
Full Supported;
Partial Supported;
Not Supported;



Like Free Music? You can use our What You Hear Audio Recorder to record them from Internet sites, such as BBC, YouTube, soundcloud, spotify. Alternatively, if you'd like online free music downloads service, you may try this Free Music Downloads site, which supports extract music/mp3 from hundreds of popular sites.



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